Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to Black

After last week's colorful update, I quickly went back to the usual black clothing. For the past week, I had my fair share of "black outfits." They're casual, effortless, and so addicting!

 ^ My favorite thing about these boots is how the cotton slip rolls either up or down. Frankly, this was my most anticipated purchase!

^ The shoe store was having a promotion, so I got a really good deal for the two pairs. The faux fur lining was a nice touch also!
 ^ A close friend introduced me to vintage thrift store shopping, and that's where I purchased this black Harlow blazer for $6! 

 ^ Velour, velour, velour. A great season to pick up a classic black top! 

 ^ My new, absolute favorite iPhone case! I was extremely careful with choosing a cover for my phone. I wanted a transparent one so that the Apple logo would show, and I also avoided dark-colored cases because it ruined the purpose of having a white phone.

Simply summed up, plastic-hard cases crack too easily, and soft rubber covers tend to collect more dust. This is a clear, transparent, diamond-skin, gel sillicone case with a flat, smooth back! (I totally didn't expect the flat back, but it was a neat surprise!)

Goodnight world,
xx Sally


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  3. Hi, may I ask where you purchased the iphone case from?


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