Monday, December 5, 2011

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The Olsen twins have always been a big part of my childhood (I grew up watching Mary Kate and Ashley TV series, Full House, most of their movies, etc) but now they're more of a fashion inspiration to me than anything.
I love how they worked their way up from junior clothing to women's fashion and finally, the high-end clothing line The Row.

^ so adorable as Michelle on Full House

One of the unique things I noticed was how they only use 2 nail polish colors: black and red. The rest of the times, they simply leave it bare. 

They're classy, chic, but also casual. How can that be?

Here's some of my sets inspired by Olsens' street style:

Who's your fashion inspiration?

xx Sally


  1. They have a really great style - always ! I watched full house too :) loved it ! xoxo

  2. My fashion inspiration is Bill Kaulitz. Young man, but his style is incredible! actually, he has twin-brother Tom))))

  3. Where is the black jumper from she is wearing?Or what is the style called so I know where to start looking for one :-)


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