Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to Black

After last week's colorful update, I quickly went back to the usual black clothing. For the past week, I had my fair share of "black outfits." They're casual, effortless, and so addicting!

 ^ My favorite thing about these boots is how the cotton slip rolls either up or down. Frankly, this was my most anticipated purchase!

^ The shoe store was having a promotion, so I got a really good deal for the two pairs. The faux fur lining was a nice touch also!
 ^ A close friend introduced me to vintage thrift store shopping, and that's where I purchased this black Harlow blazer for $6! 

 ^ Velour, velour, velour. A great season to pick up a classic black top! 

 ^ My new, absolute favorite iPhone case! I was extremely careful with choosing a cover for my phone. I wanted a transparent one so that the Apple logo would show, and I also avoided dark-colored cases because it ruined the purpose of having a white phone.

Simply summed up, plastic-hard cases crack too easily, and soft rubber covers tend to collect more dust. This is a clear, transparent, diamond-skin, gel sillicone case with a flat, smooth back! (I totally didn't expect the flat back, but it was a neat surprise!)

Goodnight world,
xx Sally

Sunday, January 22, 2012

LA, we meet again


It's been a while since I visited LA's fashion district, so that's where we went this past Saturday. Surprisingly, I didn't buy much. But, I did purchase an amazing pair of boots!


The beauty of downtown LA is in their discount prices. These boots were just $15!

 ^ And how could I miss out on their street hot dogs!?

^ Definitely realized that I need to start cooking more. I'd love to start making my own meals more often!

^ My current furry obsession. I can't stop wearing these!

^ These are my beginnings to a future wall in my room. The T&CO ad print almost matches my other painted wall!

^ I've purchase a couple more things since my first room post, and I've also received things for my birthday and Christmas. I'm really enjoying the fragrance holder next to my Body Shop candle. It's so unique but really makes my room smell so relaxing and clean!


^ The only proper area in my house for a full-shot. Today was a easy, casual day. I threw on a yellow, loose-knit sweater and some destroyed denim. Waiting to go to LA!

^ I was pretty upset about losing a piece of jewelry after only the second use.. please show up soon! :(

 I've come to be grateful for living close by to the one and only, Los Angeles. It couldn't have been a more perfect finish to my somewhat disappointing week - good food and retail therapy!

^ Near the Diamond store in Rosewood, there was a small thrift store. I picked up this Coldwater Creek sweater that I'm absolutely in love with! Isn't the design so bold and unique?

fried fish @ bcd  oyster soondubu @ bcd
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^ Here's where we had our lunch. An amazing food place.. I already want to go back!

^ Ending the night in my sister's room.. everything is so pink! Haha :D

xx Sally

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!

On certain days, I stare blankly at the clothes in my closet because I'm too tired for any inspiration, haha. These days I  find myself settling with a simple blouse. For New Year's eve, I paired a pale, silky blouse with some darker destroyed jeans and threw on a statement necklace. Comfortable and chic, at last!

^ I wore this gorgeous necklace I received for Christmas!
^ Excuse the low-quality, it was so dark outside and all I had was my iPhone

^ Stonefire Grill for our last dinner of the year

Wow, 2011 came and left so fast :D For me personally, I've had a lot of getting-used-to this past year. Changes have happened in my life, both for the better and some not for the best. Regardless, time has brought me to who I am today. I'm so excited for the new year! I'll be taking with me all the bittersweet, cherished memories to look back in the future. Here's to an unforgettable New Year - Best wishes for 2012!
Happy New Year!

xx Sally

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