Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!

On certain days, I stare blankly at the clothes in my closet because I'm too tired for any inspiration, haha. These days I  find myself settling with a simple blouse. For New Year's eve, I paired a pale, silky blouse with some darker destroyed jeans and threw on a statement necklace. Comfortable and chic, at last!

^ I wore this gorgeous necklace I received for Christmas!
^ Excuse the low-quality, it was so dark outside and all I had was my iPhone

^ Stonefire Grill for our last dinner of the year

Wow, 2011 came and left so fast :D For me personally, I've had a lot of getting-used-to this past year. Changes have happened in my life, both for the better and some not for the best. Regardless, time has brought me to who I am today. I'm so excited for the new year! I'll be taking with me all the bittersweet, cherished memories to look back in the future. Here's to an unforgettable New Year - Best wishes for 2012!
Happy New Year!

xx Sally


  1. fantastic post!
    Happy New Year :)

    Klaudia B.

  2. adorable look sweetie!!lovely bag!
    many kisses from,


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