Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Room Remodel and then Some...

It's been a little over 2 months since my previous Room Rearrangements post. If you knew anything about me and the way I do my room, you would probably know how often I mix things up in this little teal room! Well today, here's another one :D

  ^ Completely in love with the new painting hovering my bed.. if only my room was black and white!
^ I spent some time clearing out my closet, since I find no use in keeping clothes I never wear. Time to fill it up again!
^This is another addition to my room, a shoe cabinet. It only makes sense since I attached a third mirror besides the closet, and now it's finally long enough to use as a full length mirror. Hoorah!
 ^ Multi Black Star Pattern Rainboots from ALDO

^ Thrifting is definitely addicting. Two tops I purchased from a downtown store near my city. 
^ Since my deep plum polish wasn't dark enough, I layered it on top of a black coat. The color's perfect!
^ A photo before a long, six hour drive south..

  ^ Gray top (Forever 21), fitted blazer (Harlow), Bag (ALDO), black skinny jeans (American Eagle), Leg warmer boots (Shiek Shoes)

So many floating thoughts this week, so many unsaid words. I hope one day the chance comes around.

Until then,
xx Sally

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  1. Remodeled your room again huh? Looks nice! I love how your closet has no door haha


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