Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts

To be fearless in a world that is constantly ringing fear and doubt in your ears...

We were formed for something greater than mediocrity. We weren't made to be duplicates of each other, or competitors of mankind, inhaling each others' success and perceiving it as some distant, greater talent compared to ours. There is something about an individual that naturally sets him or her apart from others. For some individuals, it's easier to notice: appearance, intelligence, kindness. For others, it requires more profound searching: diligence, loyalty, commitment. Whatever it is that makes you shine, cherish it and produce something good out of it.

Often times, we look back at our lives and evaluate our worth by what we've accomplished, which we say defines who we've become. Reflecting is a great habit, if you're just stopping by to reflect on and learn from past attempts. But if we get stuck in this mentality that what we've done is who we are, we forget the rest of the years that lie ahead in our lives. The reality is, what we choose today will inevitably dictate who we are tomorrow. With that said, your past matters, but it's not everything. In fact, the great thing about living is that each day is a new day to embark on new adventures, new goals, and new accomplishments.

I often find myself thinking, "I wish I had known what I know now back when...(fill in the blank)." Or even worse, "I wish I started trying when I first had that previous thought." As the Chinese proverb goes:

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now."

We hesitate and wonder if we made the right choice - if we're even capable as we once thought we were. The truth is, we are as capable as we make ourselves. As we have heard, dreams don't happen overnight. But many times, we expect perfectly planned, guaranteed results. Is there anything like it? If a dream is worth something to you, it's worth failing for. We fail only to get back up and achieve again. If we listened to our guts piercing us to try, hope, dream and achieve as much as we turned to outside voices telling us we can't, won't, and will never be - I wonder what kind of generation we could be. Because you can, you will, and you definitely have it in you. After all, you are a product of the mastermind and Creator himself.

x Sola

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