Monday, February 1, 2016

Mamma Mia! Monday

This morning was one of the worst morning commutes I've had. Two of my top fears simultaneously occurred in the span of 2 hours: being terribly late and being lost in direction.

The night before, I forget to charge my phone, leaving the device at a mere 5% battery by the time I left home. About halfway to my destination, I double check my Google Maps only to find a dead black screen. Oh no. Here we go again.

Of course, I forget which exit I need to get off, and I get off at the next immediate exit. I turn into the closest gas station (I despise you rude 76 cashier lady), and try to ask anyone who'll help me with directions. No luck. (Well, I did find a man who only spoke Spanish and didn't know how to work his Maps app.) Tears start rolling. I have 10 minutes till my clock-in deadline of 8:30am. I crouch and just breathe in the cold air. Why do I live so far?

Not time for wailing just yet. I get back up and start driving. The next stop turns out to be ARCO. I approach the only person who is there, which is the cashier guy. He speaks limited english and doesn't have a phone, but he can sell me an iPhone charger. Better than nothing, right? I take it without hesitation.

Feeling more hopeful, I rip open the charger package (well, had to run back for help because it was so stubborn!) and my phone turns back on. Hoorah? Sigh...I wish this was the closure to a happy ending.

It charges just 5% before it dies again. Damn crappy gas station chargers! I should've known. I pull over and turn on my emergency lights. I do nothing for 5 minutes (wait for charger to resurrect) then head over to another gas station (do I ever learn?).

I ask around for directions, but no one knows where the hell this is. I'm thinking "where are all the local residents?!" Anyway, I get back into my car and see a young man walking his dog. He has to be a local, so I pull over and ask if he can help me find directions. HE KNOWS WHERE WE ARE. I follow his lead, get on the fwy, pray that I can recognize my exit this time, and get to work 45 minutes past on-time.

Thank God for grace at my office.

And that's my Day 6 story at the new company. To better days ahead!

x Sola

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