Friday, February 6, 2015

An Empire State of Mind

Over the winter break, I took my very first trip to the Big Apple! For seven days, the six of us roamed through the city, not-minding the freezing cold weather of mid-December in New York.

^ beautiful alley near Wall Street

^ Drinks at our dinner place

^ Unbelievably tasteful Italian dinner at Adrienne's Pizzabar

Every street was exciting, and each neighborhood told a unique story of its own. My favorite were those located in the southern region of the map: Soho, East Village, Little Italy.  If I ever visit again, I'm definitely coming back to these sites.

Central Park was too much to grasp in one visit. It's honestly breathtaking. Every entrance and angle of the park has different highlights and specialties. We entered from the side of Museum Mile, so we passed by lots of food trucks and pedestrians. Once we entered the park, we saw rows and rows of engraved benches marked with confessions and memories: "For my love, Jane."
We even witnessed a wedding with a total of 5 guests taking place right across the Turtle Pond. To say the least, it was both relaxing and heartwarming- just what we needed in this big, busy city. 

^ The six girls taking on NYC together!

Shopping in New York is something else! An entire section of the city is dedicated to upscale shopping, so it's nearly impossible to leave the fashion districts without finding a few things to buy. Additionally, a lot of the stores adhere to no (or low) sales tax, meaning duty free shopping!

^ A memory I'll never forget, NYE in Times Square

The finale of our winter trip had to end at the famous Times Square. We spent our last night waiting for the ball to drop and confetti to fall. It was a little overwhelming, not due to obvious reasons like the crowd and long waits, but because I knew this was our last night in the city together. I didn't want to leave just yet. So this, by far, was my favorite memory in New York. Greeting strangers, making conversation with the NYPD, and being a part of this delirious crowd. It was simply incredible. I'm amazed we were able to catch our early bird flight back to LA within the next hour - just minutes after counting down to 2015!

Cheers to our wonderful 7-day trip and until next time. I <3 NY!

x Sola


  1. I really want to go to NYC one day. Looks like you had a great time and that pizza OH EMM GEE!!!!


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