Friday, March 31, 2017


Another month has flown by! Here are some things that happened in March.

  • Saw Dia Framton live at the Hotel Café. Definitely one of my favorite live experiences.
  • Picking up Joanne today for a little slumber party! Excited for our weekend adventures x
  • Learned to snowboard better! I practiced leafing and carving at Big Bear. Lots of next day pain, but it was so worth it.
  • Completed our Step 1 phase for secret project. We need to get the ball rolling again, so that will be a mission for April!
  • Kept last month's promise to meet up with family more often! Met 3 times with my in-laws and once with my family. I guess some months will be more balanced than others.
  • Worked two work events (1 with coworkers, 1 alone) and it was a huge success! I love rallying up at events and seeing fruitful results.
  • Adulting: Learning a lot in my Financial Stewardship class: how to erase debt, how to build savings, how to spend wisely. I'm so glad I'm starting now - already feel much more prepared for the future than I was before.
  • Justin broke out in rashes. His pain is getting worse, and it agonizes me to see him so miserable. Hoping he finds healing soon.
  • Still haven't gotten started on my 1 book a month project. (mini pro: I know exactly which one I want to read, tho)

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